Don’t believe the hype

Palm Beach Collection, customer review

Hi guys, I am a lover of candles and have purchased Palm Beach Collection products over the years. I love them! I have done my research and have found that soy blends burn better and so much cleaner than 100% soy wax which burns black. Saying that paraffin is nasty and a health hazard is what is misleading. Do you ever question the toxicity of paraffin wax wrapped around your cheese or other house hold items you eat? No – because they are approved by the highest Heath standards and so is this type of wax.

Don’t believe the hype - James Edward    

To claim wax is soy it needs to have an industry approved % amount of soy content. Palm Beach Collection has this. Also “blend” or “based” can mean it is mixed with other botanical waxes such as bee, coconut or palm wax. This makes the wax stand better and burn cleaner as 100% soy wax burns black and dirty. I will continue to but these candles as they are only of the highest quality and I would be happy to have my kids in the room with me. I love Palm Beach Collection, so do all my friends and family + kids! There is a lot of competition our there wanting to put these guys down, don’t believe the hype!! Keep it up PBC, you are the market leaders by far!



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