Kiki Premium Lashes.

KikiLashes delivers an exceptional service with premier quality and highly trained expertise.  We guarantee that your lashes will feel astonishing and will apply them individually using the best quality materials to maintain your gorgeous natural look.  We offer free consultation, patch testing, and a completely unique eyelash simulator experience – where you can see the end result before your lashes are applied.  KikiLashes create styles to suit all occasions, from the day to day glamourous to a fully seductive 3D Max Volume look, as well as optional colour choices for your more playful side.  Our extension services are renowned within Sydney, we service models, mothers, business owners, influential, and corporate women.

Eyelash – Max Volume - Copy The term 2D, 3D, 4D volume technique is used to describe the number of lashes that are in a fan or
bouquet of lashes.  For example, 3D means 3 lashes are placed onto one natural lash.

The main benefit of the volume technique is the fact it gives fuller, voluminous sets of lashes even if you have sparse, fine lashes naturally.  Compared to classic extensions the finish is much softer, fluffier, and multi-dimensional.

3D Brow Services

1362366540719 - CopyKikiLashes 3D Brow Building is an innovative eyebrow extension technique, which produces naturally beautiful looking brows, and removes the need for a pencil line or cosmetic tattooing.  3D brow styling is part art and part science combining a semi-permanent adhesive, and mink hair.  The application is designed to match your natural hair growth to create volume and customised artistically designed brow shape, to restore and enhancing nature brow that contour to the eyes.