April has many years of experience in the Beauty Industry and is a Master Eyelash Extension Specialist.

She has applied hundreds of Sydney’s beautiful women with Eyelash Extensions with exciting results and enthusiastic responses.

With an extensive background in Beauty and Art education, April brings a particular creative expertise to her profession. A true artist, she has a unique ability to enhance and maximise the natural beauty of every woman’s eyes.

Hi Ladies,


My name is April. I have been working as a beautician for over 5 years now. I learnt all aspects of beauty such as hair, nail, skin when I was in a beauty high school in Korea. I learned about eyelash extension when I was 17 Apriyears old, and I got a certificate from the eyelash college affiliated to the beauty high school. After this beauty high school, I learned  about the nail arts more deeply in other academy.


I had worked in Nail salons for more then 4years. During that time, I gained the skills of eyelash extensions as well as the nail art. I have learnt a lot about eyelash extensions from the salons which I worked before.


Something as simple as eyelash extensions will change someone’s mood from the time they awaken, feeling that they look good as soon as they roll out of bed, what a way to start the day! I believe that the eyelash extensions will make your life so much easier and I am hoping that I can help with that!