Hi there

My name is Maki I started work as a professional eyelist in a boutique salon in Tokyo 2011.  At first I thought that wanted to make use of hairdresser license but I loved doing eyelash extensions.  I worked in that salon for 3 years and learnt many things about hospitality, eyelash extensions, and eyelash perming.

Once I gained enough experience I moved to a very high quality eyelash salon in Shinjyuku, Japan from there I learnt high standards of hospitality and how important it is that my customer get a great experience.

When I started work as an eyelist I never thought that I would do it for such a long time, but my interest in eyelash extensions has remained.

Since I moved to Australia I am so pleased that I am able to continue with my career, I love Australia.

Please ask me anything that you would like to know.

I am steadily improving my English and love the opportunity to talk with my customers.

Thank you