Eyelash Extension Styles

Sexy Style $from $89

Shorter lashes on the inner corners. Thicker and longer at the outer corners to elongate the eye creating a cat eye effect.

Gorgeous Style $from $89

Thicker, fuller, and longer lashes all throughout for the most dramatic look.

Enhance Style $from $89

This is the most suitable set for those who want a natural, yet noticeable look.  We guarantee that your lashes will feel astonishing and will apply them individually using the best quality materials to maintain your gorgeous natural look.

Cute Style $from $89

Shorter Lashes on the either end and longer in the middle to open up the eye, making it look bigger and brighter.

Bottom Lashes $from $49

Our lower eyelashes are designed for the lower lash line, under the eye. Now have beautiful eyelashes on the top AND bottom! This bottom eyelash style is a medium length and volume, with hairs dispersed in intervals, as on a natural lower lash.