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What are Volume Eyelash Extensions?

What are Volume Lashes? Volume lashes (aka Russian Volume or 3d eyelash extensions) was, in fact, developed by master lash artists in Russia and Ukraine some say 3-5 years ago! Irina Levchuk of Lash & Brow Academy from Russia brought her own volume technique to Canada in May 2013. The  volume ... More

Am I having an Allergic Reaction OR Irritation with false eyelashes

False eyelashes – Am I having an Allergic Reaction OR Irritation If you or anyone you know who has lashes who has suffered what was thought to be an allergic reaction and has wondered “can I get them again” “am I really allergic” “what if I just give them a break for a while” Below are a few ... More

Max Volume or Russian Volume Lashes

 The term 2D, 3D, 4D volume technique or russian volume lashes is used to describe the number of lashes that are in a fan or bouquet of lashes.  For example, 3D means 3 lashes are placed onto one natural lash. The main benefit of the volume technique is that, it has made it possible to give full, voluminous sets of ... More

Expanding Eyelashes & Brow Services

KikiLashes delivers an exceptional service with premier quality and highly trained expertise. We guarantee that your lashes will feel astonishing and will apply them individually using the best quality materials to maintain your gorgeous natural look. We offer free consultation, patch testing, and a completely unique ... More

Famous lash extensions

Most women don't have the time or patience to apply fake eyelashes every day. (We barely have enough time to use an eyelash curler!) So it's no surprise that lash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years. But to what lengths are you willing to go for a sexy flutter like Adele or Katy Perry? Actress ... More

Wedding Styles – lash extensions

Lash extensions will give you the ultimate in longer, thicker, more beautiful looking eyelashes on your special day. We have a wide range of eyelash extensions, they are lots of ways to make your eyelash attractive! Swarovski crystal/Glitter eyelash extensions is the perfect wedding day Makeup accessory. We would love ... More

Natural Lash Growth

All hair whether on the head, brows, eyelashes, or unmentionables - grows in three phases. The only thing that differs between different types of hair, lash, or head hair, for example, is how long the phases take. Follicles – the growth engine. Each individual hair is formed inside a hair bulb deep in a hair follicle, and ... More