Kiyoe has always been hugely passionate about enhancing women’s beauty.  With a vision in mind she worked her way through management college and beauty school, with her eyelash collection at hand.  Since then she has never looked back, and her dream continues to grow across Sydney from suburb to suburb.

KikiLashes now has hundreds of customers, all from those small beginnings our dreams have become our reality.

Working within the beauty industry and encountering the eyelash extensions has helped me to become confident and proud of my career.  The reason why I started the eyelash extensions was wanting to find and build something different.  Whist at Management College a thought come to me about starting my own business, and I knew it would be a career with the beauty industry.  I was always good at meticulous work such as needlework, and beadwork, so learning eyelash extensions came naturally to me.  I loved it from the word go, and I practice every single day for years. Since then I have never looked back, I have a thriving business which keeps me happy and motivated.  It’s so important to me that I have found something that I am strongly passionate about.  My favourite part of the day is just after an eyelash application, when my customers go “oh woooooooow!!!” I love it!